Physical fair

An immersive experience for your customers and merchants alike

  • Your customers 'scan' the products from various merchants with their mobile phones and add them to their mobile shopping cart,

  • A single checkout to complete their purchases, either directly on their mobile or at your central register onsite,

  • Add the option of local delivery to complete the experience.

You are in control with your dashboard

  • Select, onboard and manage your merchants

  • View active shopping carts in real time

    View your detailed sales reports in real time, discover which were the most successful merchants and most popular products

  • Generate email lists of all your physical and virtual visitors

Make it fun for your merchants, so they keep coming back

  • A single mobile checkout allows  your merchants to spend less time managing transactions and more time getting to know their customers

  • Each merchant has their own dashboard to add their products and inventory, produce QR codes, track their sales and collect customer emails.

    Merchants use our intuitive form to add their products and inventory, or connect their Shopify store to import their products in just a few minutes

Optimize your physical fair

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