Increase your fair's sales and reach, with less effort

The single platform for creating and running virtual or hybrid collaborative popup events.

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Our Solutions

All your events, all your merchants, one single checkout


Launch your branded virtual multi-merchant fair


Allow customers to enjoy your physical fair from the comfort of their home.


All the tools you need to easily organize a physical fair.

A platform designed specifically for fair organizers who want more sales and less tedious work

We automate the tasks that matter to you

1. Select the merchants who apply to your event

2. Merchants build their profile and upload their products (which you can edit)

3. You collect your fixed and variable fees.

Get way more efficient

1. Live sales reports.

2. Discover which products were the most popular with your customers and which merchants were the best performers.

3. Collect customer emails.

4. Automate your payouts to merchants.

5. Create new events and invite your merchant base to join in only one click.

Increased merchant engagement

Merchants have their own dashboard to build their branded page, upload their products, track their store's performance, and join future events.

Optimized sales

Allow your physical event to reach more markets by synchronizing it with a timed virtual fair, all using one single platform and sales funnel.

An unparalleled experience for your clients.

Our innovative solutions allow your clients to enjoy an immersive experience, no matter where they are.

Shop virtually or in person

Give your customers the option to participate in your event from home or onsite.

A single checkout

Your physical and virtual customers can shop from every merchant with just one transaction.

Shorter lines, more sales

Your physical customers 'scan' the products and add them to their shopping cart independently, at their own pace.

Delivery options added to your shopping cart

Both your physical and virtual customers can choose to have their products delivered to their door.

Cercle local is intuitive and takes only a few minutes to set-up, while increasing your fair's efficiency and sales.


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